Enttec Open DMX USB interface not supported?

Hello all,
has anyone already got the above interface working under VSTL? I’m getting desperate here :slight_smile:

Please for support or tips.


I was looking at using this interface if i changeover?

Enttec DMXIS works here, also any ArtNet device should do. We are checking your interface right now.

Hi Musicullum,
thank you for the feedback. The device is displayed in the device manager under Windows 10 as well as in VSTL and can be selected there as an output device. But nothing happens :slight_smile: I also tried the demo file as mentioned before. Unfortunately also without success. It is displayed to me at the DMX track the “Midi information”. At the lamps but apparently nothing comes.


Any feedback on the Enttec Ope DMX working with VST Live?


… VL supports it since 1.0.40

I can say it runs now ( But there are some glitches/Lags or what ever :slight_smile: And after i have stoped the Recordning the Program will freeze for a while. But if i wait a bit it will come up and runs normally. I think there will be come some fixes near in the Future. But the Interface runs now :slight_smile:
Thanks for the Support and Greetings