Envelope ''Preview/Play'' button...feature request.

Hi, this is a feature request for a ‘‘Preview’’/’‘Play’’ button in theProcess>Envelope
I’m using WaveLab Elements 9.5 for sound design and would love to have a Preview or Play button in the Envelope window so I can preview my changes before Processing.

Scenario: I have a Clap sound that I want to break up into three separate sections…Attack portion…Body portion and Tail portion ready for Layering in Cubase. I have a separate file system for each so I can pick and choose different sections for layering. Sure…I could just cut them…this is not how I like to work because the split files don’t layer easily this way.

It just seems like such a waste of time having to Apply my Envelope changes without hearing the result first. Once applied, if I am not satisfied with the answer then I to have to Ctrl Z to undo, change the envelope and Apply again until I am satisfied.

I see that Soundforge Pro has had this option for quite a while (talking to my peers).
I bought Wavelab Elements because it seemed like a perfect match to work with Cubase Pro 9.5.10 rather than going down the Soundforge way.

Is there any chance this feature could be added to the Envelope window? It would sure speed up my work flow.

I look forward to hearing from anyone.

Kind regards, Gareth

What you could to, it use the Audio Montage to edit the envelope of a single clip. In that case, you have a real time rendering. After that you, need to render the montage to a file.

Great. Thank you for your reply. I’ll try that tonight. I haven’t tried the Audio Montage yet.
Kind regards, Gareth

Hi Philippe
I’ve just tried the Audio Montage.
It’s is incredible!
So select the portion of Audio from the file and open a new Montage clip from the selected section of the Audio and then apply Envelope changes in real time with visual and audible changes then Render to new file. To flip between the two, just select either ones Tab. So easy and intuitive. I watched the Greg Ondo YouTube WaveLab Hangout, from last week, last night. It was very informative. Looking forward to the next one.
Just a few more questions if I may.
Can I only have one track in WaveLab Elements 9.5?
How do I add another if not?
I love the Envelope Curve option in the Audio Edit>Envelope but it doesn’t seem to be available in the Audio Montage>Envelope. Why? It’s such a great feature?
If I press Alt in the Montage Clip while Envelope is selected then the Curser icon changes to curve but the lines don’t curve?
Is this because I only have Elements?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

Yes, the envelope of WaveLab Elements, in the montage, is a reduced form of the WaveLab Pro version.
That is, no smoothing option (what you call ‘curve’ I guess).

You can have more than one track: click on the numbered button at the track head, to open a menu…