Epic Genre - C6 Elements

Discovered the wonderful world of samples last January and started using the excellent Cubase 6 when it came out, I started off with Elements so this track is missing a lot of instruments and articulation patches that I’d like to include. Gonna add them and polish it up when I get the full version of C6 this week or next (feels like a late Christmas) ^.^ Enjoying using C6 a lot though.

Thankyou for your time, oh you might want to switch it to 480p, the audio quality sucks in 360p :smiling_imp:

Sounds really good, impressive!!
I wouldn’t mind some heavy drumrolls (timpano) in there, but other than that it sounds very complete.

Wow, fast reply and thankyou for the compliments. Using C6 is really great, really psyched to get the full version after being limited to just 24 since release :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job, sounds good! :sunglasses:


Nice work. Melodic and well mixed.

Thankyou all for the kind comments.

Below is a somewhat attempt at mastering using Cubase Elements but with iZotope plugin, I was trying out the 10 day trial and I’m happy with it so purchased it. I also upgraded to Cubase Artist, but completely forgot to get the usb key, shame it doesn’t work with the usb key I use for all the EWQL products. Thankyou again for listening and I look forward to listening through the other posts in this forum and giving feedback once my own home internet is working again. Any comments and critique on mastering points would be appreciated a lot.


Very nice sounding composition.

Sounds quite majestic! You’re obviously a fan of the East West libraries! :slight_smile:


Thanks Dave and Sherz. I’m quite pleased you called it majestic :slight_smile: And yeah, actually the only libraries I own at the moment are the East West Quantum Leap ones :stuck_out_tongue: I’m looking for a good priced library with electronic sounds and more standard acoustic/electronic drumkit samples as well as loops because I really need to work on using electronic samples and making beats as I suck at it :stuck_out_tongue: So any suggestions for those would be appreciated.

Nice work! I’ve done a few of these sorts of things, and know a lot of thought and work go into them. BTW, what language is that?

Thanks again Twilightsong, glad you enjoyed it! Do you post any of yours here? I should finally have time to check out some of the cool stuff others post here this week.