Epic riff rock atmospheric thing with intense vocals

This starts a little weird and purposely loose for effect(hopefully) so please try to be patient. Still working on the drums but good enough for now. Looking for praise and any helpful criticism on all aspects from writing, performing, mixing, etc. Thanks for listening!

bicycle love song is the band name. Song is “Alone.”


Well…I thought this was mega…luv this kinda noise, guitar sounded nice and “sixties” in fact the whole song could be from the late sixties, liked your rock voice also…like the whole anarchy thing goin on ( musically speaking)…you say it starts loosely for effect which is fine…the problem is it doesn’t get any tighter at any time through the song which rather negates the point of starting loosely…but really like this and well done…Kevin

I like the idea you are going for but is just a tad too loose for me. It seems you could tighten up the beat a little bit, in some parts it just sounds like you were falling asleep on the drums lol.

I liked the guitar tone tho, could be a pretty heavy and rocking riff.

yes very good, has a kind of jim morrison intensional mess quality to it , the voice is great, tone of the instruments are good.

Agree with the comments above about the timing. I actually found myself really getting into this by the end :slight_smile: Really nice vocal, both production and performance.

One thing, the end of the held scream at 4:30 (which was cool) sort of faded out and I felt like I wanted to end with some delay and have it kind of just reverberate for a little while.

Your drums are gettin’ buried by the guitar, the tone of which sounds great, BTW. You can’t have Led Zeppelin without Bonham, now can you? :laughing: There are various techniques you can use to bring the drums through. In this case, I’d pan the guitar to one side, the bass to the other side.