EQ and High Cut Resonances

customer services response

I didn’t mean that digital filters are totally free from resonance - I meant that they are usually “text-book” filters, thus not having the resonance bump around the cut-off some analogue designs provide (creating sort of a “hill” on the curve around the cut-off, which give that pleasant added warmth despite removing content below a given frequency).

I tested the low-cuts at 120Hz and the gain aroud 100-150 is roughly the same for the Pre and EQ cuts despite the huge difference at the bottom of the spectrum, so some resonance must be there. Meaning that your reasoning is correct: the steeper curve should have more resonance.

You can actually try how that looks yourself:

– Insert a noise generator on an input channel
– send it to 3 newly created tracks
– insert a post-fader spectrum analyzer providing a very clean visual feedback
– use one kind of cut on each track, but set to the same frequency
– enjoy watching the differences :laughing:

If you use a sine wave instead of noise, you should see nicely how the cuts affect the waveform.