EQ and Mixing Vocals

Hi Cubase users,

I needed some tips for vocal EQ. I came across a site where even professional recording engineers can get great tips. It made a difference in my mix. I recommend you check it out.




Hi AP,

Thanks for the link.


Nice article :slight_smile:
Not a lot of new stuff for me but an interesting read and very good for people who don’t know where to start.

That is real good stuff. I call it “cleaning” which is removing the nastiness. This approach will prepare the track for mixing and production. There are other ways to get “Smoothness”. I think the article could be a little misleading because I interpret smoothness as a plush, pillowy sound. The opposite of sharp. To me it is more of a dynamic difference in the attack of the different bands that the vocal resides in, not an eq.

On the other hand, one thing that definitely smooths a vocal would be a pultec eq. It adds a veil that filters peakeyness.

Semantics of perception…