EQ bass - PRE, HC and LC?

Hi guys!

So I’ll start off by saying I’m an absolute amateur at mixing. I’ve been following the Mendal series of how to mix metal. In particular I’ve gotten to the section where he’s mixing the bass, and hit a snag. I’ve tried to figure out what’s up but not come to anything

So when he goes to the EQ for the bass, he changes the HC and LC in the PRE section. When he does this, a green field pops up and the noise drastically changes (again, amateur so pardon me for stating the obvious!)
However, when I try to do that, the PRE bit is red, and anything I do on the HC or LC makes no difference whatsoever, visually or audibly.

Could anyone offer any advice? It’s probably something very simple!

Many thanks


Since Cubase 11, you have to enable the HC and LC. Use the button on the left side of the HC and LC, please. In the past, it became enabled automatically.

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