EQ before the inserts on a track

:question: Hi,

If you want to place an EQ before the inserts on a track, it is possible to use the built-in EQ mixconsol (in the Channel Strip)? So, can we move this EQ BEFORE Inserts?

2 ways , open the channel editor and move the insert either way with the arrows or in the mixer pick up and drag the eq to the position you want

Sorry, I forgot to say that my compressor insert is not the one given with Chanel Strip. It is plug-in Inserts above.

move the complete strip module to pre insert.

I do not see how. He must miss information. Sorry, I’m a regular in Pro Tools … fairly new to Cubase.

In the channel edit window

Hey!, I just found. It was well hidden …
No mention in the manual … NOTHING.
Thank you very much.

your welcome

This is of course mentioned in the manual…!

hey thanks !! really well hidden that small button in the ‘strip’ & ‘inserts’ tabs when ‘cannel inserts’ is activated at the top left… (hope that helps others to find it quicker)