EQ has gone nuts

I’m trying to finish up a mix. There is very little automation on this rock song project. I’ve got an automated ramp up in volume and a pan from RC to Ctr on the guitar solo. When I shut down last night, it sounded great. Today is sounded very strange (low in volume and woofy). When I checked the channel settings I found these insane EQ settings. The Hi was set to 2700 and scooped -20db, The Hi mid was set to 2k and scooped -5. I had originally rolled off the low end at 65hz and notched 200 at -6. :open_mouth:

I reset the EQ and Nuendo froze up. I rebooted Nuendo and it TRIED to give me the “newer file.” I said no and opened the file from last night. The crazy EQ settings came back but with different settings: 2700 was now 3K with the scoope at -19. I reset the channel and played it again with the channel open. It played fine. No changes. I closed the channel and started it again. The wierd sound came back. I opened the channel and the crazy EQ settings were back, again at slightly different settings. WTH is going on?!!?

Problem is solved, though not understood. Other symptoms included not being able to load plugins in inserts. I had to restart the PC to get everything back to “normal.” I hate not knowing what causing these kinds of hiccups.

Does this stuff happen to you guys? :confused:

Is this your issue? http://support.presonus.com/hc/en-us/articles/210757986-Problem-with-songs-refusing-to-add-plug-ins-in-Studio-One-on-Windows