EQ hidden by Windows taskbar

If the Windows taskbar is located on the left or right, then the equalizer in the mixer on the track closest to the edge is hidden by the taskbar. Please check it.

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Your screen is scaled to more than 100%.
If you place the window in the middle of the desktop without the scaling, it is visible.

My screen is not scaled. It`s 100%. Window of the mixer is maximized. The Taskbar in the left border of the screen. This is not about how I can see the equalizer. but about the fact that the taskbar closes part of it

Doesn’t look like 100%.

Move the taskbar to the bottom or let it hide itself!

You hear me? I know how to see the equalizer. I also know where I should place the taskbar. That’s not the question. The question is why the taskbar hides part of the equalizer. Why is the equalizer hidden under it?

I don’t think slasta is asking for a solution to the described problem.
I think they merely want to bring it to the attention of Steinberg that somehwere in the code the left border for the displayable area is not fetched from the OS correctly.

Yes I do.

The question of why is the wrong question here, this is a user forum.
The problem is not appearing if the left area is visible, so I guess it was overlooked.
But it’s just a guess.

Now I know, too.