EQ match preset not recording EQ curve

Tested on latest SL10.0.10 I have found that EQ match presets do not take into account EQ curve (both ARA and standalone). I can not recall an EQ curve from a preset… Is it a bug or an omission ?
My simple use is to create a pink, a white and brown noise presets in order to reshape sounds.
Thanks in advance

I’ve also noticed a similar issue, the reason why I haven’t posted about this is because I am unsure how to exactly articulate the issue with eq match. Hopefully the developer can take a look into this issue and find issues.

Same issue with SL 10.0.20. Hope there is an easy fix to this problem. At this stage EQ match preset system is not usable on my side…

Presets were initially designed for parameters with values, but I understand it could be expected to record profiles as well. I’ll see what can be done for patch 3.


Thank you Robin. I appreciate your feedback. SL will be even better !

Feature now included in 10.0.40 !! thanks a lot

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