EQ Plugin missing with Cubase 9 - Elements


I am a newbie, so if I do something wrong… please, tell me but you must be sure that I am already sorry. :wink:
It’s been one month that I have Cubase 9 - Elements. I really like it but that’s not the point.
Since the beginning, some plugins were missing like EQ for example.
I ask the help of the support team but I think that they have a lot to do.
They told me to activate my soft, which was already done since the first day and well that’s all…

Anybody has the same problem?
Anybody has a solution?

Anyway! Thank you very much!!!

PS: If I made some mistakes in English… sorry… It’s not my mother tongue at all.

I have the same issue after I updated Cubase 9 pro to 9.10

Channel strip eq gone, frequency gone, studio eq, de eq

No solution yet, but if/when i do I’ll post it.


So they told me to delete my version and after that, to reinstall it again with the serial and so and it… finally works.
Hope that it will work for you.

Tell me. :wink: