EQ Question

I think I’m listening a better EQ right now.

Is it just some placebo going on or is the C7 Channel EQ really a new code?

Probably. All digital parametric EQs are more or less the same. But then, it may be the new look-and-feel, which makes you get better results easier.

Yeah right, they all should sound the same but lets not get there.

What I mean was: I think it works better so it sounds better.

If you think it sounds better do this:

Open a project in C6
Make some eq changes using the ch eq to your heart’s content
Audio mixdown
Save and close
Open that project in C7
Match the eq settings you had in C6 identically, using the the new ch eq
Audio mixdown at the identical level
Import both audio files into Cubase (either one)
Do an A/B test

Can you hear a difference?

If so, repeat A/B test, having a friend help you to do a blind test, so you don’t know when the switch from a to b to a is happening.

Can you hear a difference?

If so, double check that you matched all the eq settings identically.

Repeat A/B test with freind.

Can you hear a difference?

If so, then SB completely redesigned the ch eq algorithms for v7, and they are disimmilair to the v6 ch eq algorithms .

But keep in mind - just b/c you hear a difference, that doesn’t mean that v7 is better. Just different.

If you don’t hear a difference, flip the phase on one of the audio tracks. Do the files null down to infinity?

Yes? Then the v7 ch eq is identical in every way shape and form to the v 6 ch eq. Save, of course, for the color scheme.

No? Then the v7 ch eq is in fact different than the v 6 ch eq. But if you got this far, that means that you are doing this b/c you didn’t hear a difference. What does that mean? It means that although SB did make some changes to the ch eq, they are slight differences, and not enough to make an audible difference.


I’ll try a null-test and see what comes out.