EQ Reverb Gain Plugin

Is there a combo plugin For the above that I could use for Cubase professional 9.5.

What exactly do you want? A seperate EQ, Reverb and Gain plugin in one? Or an Reverb with an EQ curve at the end?

If you are looking for something like this, Fabfilter Pro-R is great.

all in one

Eventide Ultraverb certainly has the EQ

Don’t think you will find one. It doesn’t really make that much sense combining them when there is far more flexibility using separate plugs.
What is your particular reasoning for wanting this?

EQ is for the reverb signal only which is not what OP wants.

My problem is taking my vocal and orchestral track from sonar platinum as an audio track two of them and bringing them into Cubase and adding more vocals and instruments From my Tyros 5 keyboard arranger the volume in Cubase For the new tracks are much lower. I am looking to get a better match so that the arrangement is balanced Eq. reverb and gain

I guess you could Normalize the track before you start adding. Select the track then do Audio/Processes/Normalize. It should raise the volume of your imported Audio track.

Thank you I will definitely give it a try

Normalizing is oldschool, will take some time on a lot of tracks, and will change your source in a destructive way. You can easily change the gain nondestructive at once on any track in Cubase in multiple ways:
in the project window: every track has a handle in the middle for gain if you hoover over it with your mouse. Shift-select multiple tracks and pull the handle up or down
in the mixer: every mixerchannel also has a gain knob. It’s in the pre-section. use Q-link to change multiple channels at once. you can type values (-10 for -10 db, 10 for +10 db) if you want also.
Don’t forget to disable q-link after you’re done.

Q-link also works for maniplulating fx sends and eq on multiple channels

The Cubase stock plug-ins all have some EQ shaping controls. You can also EQ your insert track to shape the reverb’s EQ.

For gain control – other posts gave good advice. I’d add that you can select the files and the increase the gain for the clips on the Info Line. What’s nice about that method is that it’s very easy to make +/- adjustments with the mouse wheel.