EQ scope/curve/spectrum window - MixConsole

Please, someone, tell me the magic that makes the mouse scroll wheel adjust the Q Factor (when hovering over a point) in the pop-up EQ curve window…?

(Also, we must - please, please, please - be able to see any Hi and Lo pass filter curves applied, in this window too. Would also be nice to have a switch to ‘hold’ the spectrum curve at any desired point in time…)

Oh no… :frowning: now its become a feature request and will get moved…

Thank you for any tips (I know - I should save up and buy FabFilter and be done with it…) Its just that Steiny is so-o-o close to being completely brilliant with what they now offer here… :wink:

Hi Puma0382,

Maybe it isn’t what you asked for but Shift - click -drag does adjust the Q factor in the pop up EQ Window.

Hope this helps!

Hi fft…

It works, you’re right…! Thank you… :slight_smile:

I’m still a bit clumsy with it all mind; mouse wheel scroll would be a cleaner mechanism in my view.

I also keep clicking and moving the nearest other (already set) point to this new cursor position… Arrgh…! :imp: If I say have just one point set, regardless if Shift is held, as soon as I click again to drag (for Q control) it goes and sets another EQ point…!! Arrgh…! :imp:

Labelling issue(?) - When Right-Clicking a point, the top entry in the submenu reads ‘Activate EQ Band x’ when I really want to de-activate it. Clicking on the item thankfully does do this.

Onwards… :wink:

Hey Puma,

Glad it helps! I agree, the mouse wheel would be to most logical approach, considering the fact that you can control other stuff, like fader movement for example. Maybe Steiny purposefully choose not to implement this feature taking in account that some people, myself included, tend to scroll the wheel sometimes out of habit.

I like your suggestion that when maximized the eq pup up window should visually indicate the status of hi/lo pass filters.

I would actually like to see that, plus a gradient in the spectrum representing the frequency range. The hold spectrum feature you mentioned too.


And of course, this matters not to many, preferring as they do to rely on their favourite 3rd party specialist plugs - and I don’t blame them one bit; I do it myself too…!

BUT, the SB built-in tools are useful for setting a draft mix up from scratch, quickly. :wink:

(24+ track live recordings, 2hrs in length. Project Templates are useful only so far; I get different bands, with different setups, different live engineers, different ways of working, etc, etc…).

Guess we’ll just have to see if over time, there is any more effort put in to this area… :slight_smile: