EQ Slicer

More and more I discover that less… sounds better.
Like with equalizing. Almost always I am filtering out Frequencies.
It gives space and air to my mix.
When I think of it, I would love to use a…

EQ Slicer.

Not the Q-factor’s cone.
But a slice, adjustable in Frequency width.
The gain range till -00 dB (really turned off)
And very important a free amount of slices.

Yes, as a Dutchy I slice my cheese, and I love it.

Do you mean a band pass filter…? A comb filter?

A Frequency slice,

100 Hz till 109 Hz -10dB.
And 440 Hz till 442 Hz turned off.
And 800 Hz till 856 Hz -30dB
And 1000Hz till 1500 turned off.

This is an example, of course.
All Frequencies, A free amount of slices.
More freedom. More space. EQ Slicer.


I think you mean a band reject filter. It’s pretty uncommon so I don’t think the native equalizer will ever get this.

The “Uncommon”
Isn’t that the purpose of Feature Requests and Suggestions.
And “native” is not necessary. A plugin would be great.
But thanks for your thoughts.

You could just use CurveEQ? But making deep cuts like this is an easy way to make things sound weird, even if you’re using synths.

You can also use ReaEQ, it’s free and has infinite bands with the filter you want. It also can you show you how you’re destroying the phase. :stuck_out_tongue:

CurveEQ is a beautiful plugin.

But curves (cones) and not a slice (top and bottom the same width)
and -30 dB that’s not really turned off.
For instance I don’t wanna hear 345Hz at all.
Or for instance I don’t wanna hear 468Hz till (width) 473Hz at all.
But also bigger slices for instance between 500Hz and 1000Hz no sound.
Really turned off and not a little bit of 501Hz and 999Hz no slope/curve/cone.

Sorry if I sound harsh, sometimes I get lost in translation.
Thanks a lot for asking and suggesting…


I think you would like the Equalizer in Image Line Edison. It’s not real time however, and I don’t believe infinite dB/oct filters actually exist…

Indeed filters that steep don’t exist. And then there is phasing.

You can do that with Izotope RX. But it won’t sound like what you expect it to.

That drawing from is “djw” is spot on. Thanks
“Raphie” thanks “phasing” maybe not the reason not to use it.
Thanks ErikG, but I have this relationship with Steinberg, that’s the ship I sail.

And then there is the other way around,
I would love to hear only the sound from 500Hz till 1500Hz from my recording.
Plus a little 3kHz on top, how would that sound to you…
This is for example, of course.


Use Edison or iZotope RX.

For me Steinberg is the best there is. That’s why I post on this forum.
My “Suggestion” and so a “Feature Requests” for Steinberg is a…

EQ Slicer

Frequency slices.
Free adjustable in frequency width.
And very important a free amount of slices.
Being able to pile the slices of frequencies, so to speak.
With in between the sound of silence.

Same idea as above, different words.