EQ User Presets

Hi all,
Where do i find the EQ User presets folder in OSX? I can find most others like strips etc using either media bay or just navigating but cannot find the user EQ’s. I need to back them all up

I have now found them using the media bay. Hold on to your hats as they live in the following place (this is for Mac users, no idea where on a PC). Open Media Bay
File System/Local Hard Disks/your drive name here/Users/Main/Library/Audio/Presets/Steinberg Media Technologies/EQ
You will also find a few other things here you may want to backup as well

Not sure why its buried so deep in the operating system. I have asked Steinberg on the future request forum to place all user presets, eqs, strips, track setting etc in one folder so we can just back this up. Hopefully they will take notice…

Hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue: