EQing with Spectrum analyzer?

Hey guys

ive been using the EQ in cubasis and it works fine, however im working blindly for the most part, i cant see the frequencies in the EQ, so im kind of guessing… is there a spectrum analyzer within cubasis?.. or maybe an app i can download and route with audiobus 3 to achieve the same result?.



Hi Mark,

Thanks for your message.

So far, Cubasis does not offer an on-board spectrum analyzer.

Since Cubasis provides Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus 3 support, we hope you’re able to find a third party app that matches to your request.


ok thanks for letting me know. Hopefully in a future update you guys will be able to include one. it certainly would help identifying bad frequencies. :slight_smile:

I agree analyzer in the eq would be nice, not a third party app, also is time that Cubasis bring on board some presets for the FX from its bigger brother.

Hi djjunior,

We hear you, and preset support is already on our list for a future update.


Not being able to see the frequency spectrum you are equing is pretty counterproductive and is sure to result in more work getting it right, pawning the job off to buggy, resource hogging, third party apps is just cheap and lazy, Come on Steinberg! Please add this.

Does anyone have a recommendation, including YOU Steinberg, for an accurate functional analyzer for ios?

A free 3rd party analyzer like TB Spectrogram won’t really help since we can not see and use multiple plug-in windows at once so a ‘built-in’ spectrum analyzer could come in handy unless substituting the built-in EQ with TB Equalizer or FF Pro-Q 3.

For Android users a built-in spectrum analyzer is a no-brainer…

Considering this is another one of those almost 5+ year old ‘zombie threads’ it would be a good idea to know what the priorities are for Cubasis as there is a LOT of things that have yet to be implemented and have been on the to-do list for a looooooooooooong time…