eq's and c7 fixed ???

as title

:smiley: yes, eq works again :smiley:

you mean CMC-QC works with Cubase 7 EQ?
I can’t use this feature, It was one of the main reasons I bought it about one week ago.
I already updated firmware and drivers.
Does anybody know how to make it work?

But the EQ knobs in the CC121 are still vertically reversed as when viewing Cubase EQ.

ask steinberg how to get it working as we have been left in the dark , i can’t believe steinberg are still selling hardware that does not work properly …thats the basic fact of it steinberg are selling controllers not compatible with their own hardware "!!!

Maybe better check the CMC thread instead? You are at the cc121 thread here. CMC has it’s own thread.

What do you mean by that? I’m affraid I don’t understand what you mean.
At my system it still works just the same as in Cubase 5, 6 and 6.5.
Do you also have the latest firmware installed?

Yes, it is indeed the same as C5 and C6 and that is the problem. I have the latest firmware and Tools installed (V150 and V174). I have Cubase 7.

This issue has been discussed before, but to be more clear regarding the reversal of knob positions :

In Cubase the EQ controls are positioned thus (as you look at them) : Top : Gain, Middle : Frequency, Bottom : Q Factor. However, on the CC121, these controls are reversed, i.e. : Top : Q Factor, Middle : Frequency, Bottom : Gain.

This can be very confusing when using the CC121, and particularly so if you occasionally use both mouse and CC121! I had expected this to be fixed in the latest CC121 Tools, or at least configurable in C7.

And there are no control features for the new EQ features. And the new eq features does not have graphical representation on the spectrum. Should be there with a other color. Green for the post. Red for the pre and green for the sum. And a settings to toggle all of them on-off.