Equal height, semitone-based vertical spacing in Key Editor

Currently (Cubase 8.5) in Key Editor, there is a big space between B and C, as well as E and F.
This might be handy for some workflows, but it breaks visual recognition of chords because the spaces between keys do not correspond to semitones.

In equally spaced piano roll, where each semitone has same height as others, a chord will always have same amount of empty vertical space between its notes. This makes it easy to recognize chords based on their vertical pattern.

In Key Editor, at this time, a major chord has a visual pattern like augmented chord when in C, F, F#, G, or like a minor chord with fifth in bass when in C#, D, D#, E, G#, A, or like a major chord with fifth in bass when in A# and B. Attached is a screenshot to illustrate this.
I dare to assume that it is technically possible to realize equal vertical spacing in Key Editor, and hope that this will be implemented as a feature that can be set in Preferences.

Or is this already possible to set, in some xml file perhaps?

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Please! Just switched from Logic Pro, i like Cubase very much, but these spacings are odd.

You must be using an older version of Cubase since this has been corrected (don’t recall when though).