Equal interval between audio events - How to do that?

I have a problem and I don’t know how to solve it.

I am currently working on a huge amount of recorded text by voice.
I would like there to be an equal interval (let’s say 0.5 seconds) between the individual audio events.
How can I get this effect? I mean, some kind of macro or some kind of automatic function.

Can somebody help me?

A quick solution would be to use NUDGE. Alt/Command+left or right arrow key will move events by 1 second if your quantize is set to 1000ms. This is with snap set to GRID

Im trying to find a solution for this here. Still looking

A big Macro should work best I think

Thanks Shanabit. The Nudge function you’re writing about is not particularly suited to what I’d like to get.
I must probably have some particular Macro, but I have no idea how I could create it.


I have a macro that’s a bit like that, so I’ve modified it for what you might need. See the picture. You can’t just select all the events and run it though, you have to run once for each gap you need, many times in other words. If you assign a key command then you can use keyboard auto-repeat, i.e. just hold the key down, it should be fast and it’ll loop back to the first event on the track when if does the last one so no biggie if you do it too many times.

The macro uses 5xNudge to create the gap - and size of a Nudge is given by the Grid Type. NOTE - the macro also resets the Audio Snap point to the start of the audio event to make sure the event is moved correctly.

So, for 1/2 second gaps:

  1. Change the ‘Selected Primary Time Format’ to seconds (on the transport bar)
  2. Set ‘Grid Type’ to be 100ms (the snap value) - this gets applied 5 times
  3. Select the first part on the track and run the macro many times, it will step through the events


If they just had a Quantize GAPS BETWEEN EVENTS function in Cubase, boom