Equalization trigered with side chain.

I know how to do that in compressor. Is it possible to do that with an equalizer in cubase?

I guess I saw something like that in FabFilter EQ. Is it possible with Cubase’s default plugins?

Very simple way to find out yourself: Load the EQ in question and look, if it shows the sidechain Symbol.

Technically FabFilter Pro-Q 2 doesn’t allow bands to be “triggered” via the sidechain. The sidechain actually is just for handling target/match curves, which Cubase can do using the included Voxengo CurveEQ.

Ah-ha! I guess I thought Fab Filter MB was an EQ which I saw on a video, but now I figured out that this is just a multi-band compressor, which Cubase also has.

Dynamic eq does this.

For a good free Dyanmic EQ you might like Tokyo Dawn Labs called Nova ( really like it)

Cubase’s stock Multi-band Dynamics Processors – Compressor, Expander, Envelope Shaper (Cubase Pro 9.0.4) – have side-chain functionality. See Operations Manual, plug-in reference for details about it.

Good luck.

One of the more impressive EQ’s I’ve found with an EQ Match function is the Equivicate from Eventide. It was being offered for free (amazingly). I’m not sure it still is. It’s got some good presets as well.

Izotope dyna eq works.

I cant’s make rhyme or reason out of this. In order for Neutron 2 Equalizer to show the VST as a sidechain you can send to from other tracks, you must ACTIVATE SIDECHAIN. I see in one project I did, I was able to do this. In the very top bar of the Neutron EQ window, there is a set of icons, including the icon to turn the VST on and off, bypass it, read or write automation. Sometimes that bar includes another icon that indicates sidechaining is active. I believe in order to get that icon to show up at all, you must use the pulldown that is all the way at the right of that same bar. The pulldown menu sometimes includes an item for “Activate Sidechain”, but sometimes it doesn’t. I can’t figure out why.

Anybody have any clues here?


On edit, I found that when inserting the Izotope EQ on my group bus, there were two places in the VST list that the Neutron 2 Equalizer showed up. There is a sub-menu “Equalizers”. In that menu, all the entries end in 2 slashes !? Those have the sidechain button. The Neutron 2 Equalizer also appears in the first level directly under “Izotope”. Those don’t have the sidechain button. I notice there is another thread that suggests VST2 works but not VST3. I wish I knew what is going on here.


I have attached a screen capture of the Inserts pulldown menu. Notice that the Izotope VSTs appear twice in this tree. The ones at the bottom have no side-chain button. The ones under the “EQ” subfolder do have the side-chain button. And I included a screen shot of the two EQ instances. They appear to be the same code. Why does Cubase give one a side-chain button, but not the other?


And assuming that the issue is that I have both VST2 and VST3 versions being scanned by Cubase, how can I get the bad ones out of the menu? I need to have the VST versions on my PC because some apps aren’t yet supporting VST3, but I don’t want Cubase to even offer up the VST2 versions fr any plug-ins that have a VST3 version. SONAR does that automatically. Is there some similar option in Cubase?