Erase a staff during a few bars


I would like erase the staff lines of an instrument during a few bars. I attach a screenshot of one of your youtube videos because that’s the idea: to have an orchestral score in which the instruments disappear while not playing but their gap remain. I don’t want a system optimization but something like Lutoslawski’s scores.

Thank you very much


Dorico does not yet support cutaway scores, but presumably at some point in the future this will be possible.

You can do this particular example easily in Dorico, with no workarounds. The function you mentioned is precisely what to use: Add and Remove Staves as needed. All the other fancy symbols and lines are relatively easy to add, though there is admittedly more functionality needed in this area. And certainly cutaway scores are not really easy to achieve at present.

Here’s a start. It took me about 15 minutes, only because I hadn’t tried some of these functions before. And the font details aren’t very sexy, but you get the idea. I could have spent more time on the custom markings at the beginning, but I just used a big fermata inside two basic glyphs. I also didn’t add the glyphs at the end of the top staff; I couldn’t think of an easy way to create them,

Oh, and I also didn’t really come up with an elegant way of placing the mf inside the hairpin. There might be a function I’m missing. I don’t like how it looks at present.

For the second group of staves, I would use a separate flow and add that as a new music frame on the page.

I’m trying to erase staves but I can only get it with two staves instruments (piano, celesta, harp…).

Start with a single-staff instrument. Right click, Staff, Add Staff Below. Then remove at the rhythmic location where you’re done with it.

You need to make sure you’re using Solo players. This functionality doesn’t work for Section players.

Thank you for your answers! Can’t I erase the staff of a single instrument without adding a staff previously? I can do it with flute but it doesn’t work with the oboe. And can I change the 5 line staff to a single line (like percussion) during 1 or 2 bars? Thanks again

You can have a player that holds a five line instrument and a one line instrument, then switch between them, but no, you can’t stop the only stave of an instrument midway through a system. Cutaway scores are not officially supported yet.

It’s a shame. This is the first real limitation I’ve found till now. Hopefully it would change in the near future, cutaway scores are an essential part of contemporary music.

I now how to add a single line instrument to a preexisting player but I don’t know how to switch between them in the same staff. Could you help me?

Thank you for your answers. Great forum and great support.

Put the notes onto the relevant instrument (in Galley View) and Dorico will automatically handle the switch in Page View.