Erase background for chord symbols?

There’s no erase background feature for chord symbols, is there? If not, I would definitely like to add this as a feature request. Regardless of whether you position chord changes inside or above a grand staff, in a typical big band score you still are going to have potential barline collisions with 4 of 5 reeds, 3 of 4 trumpets, and 3 of 4 trombones.

I’m assuming the workaround here is just to use Shift-X text, which does have an erase background feature. Or does someone have a better way?

I can’t think of a better way. Do you really want to display chord symbols on every stave in the score, though? That sounds awfully cluttered…

No, of course not! That’s why I wrote potential just to indicate that except for the lead players (which won’t have a connected barline above their staff), every other woodwind or brass player will have a potential collision with a barline in a score. This is a situation that will occur in virtually every score, so an “erase background” feature is really necessary with chord symbols.

I agree this would be a good addition. It’s not currently on the backlog, but I shall make sure it gets added.

Thanks Daniel!

Just realized a pretty fast workaround for this: create Shift-X text, enter a non-breaking space (Alt-255) and select Erase Background. In Dorico’s drawing order, the text will hide the barline, but not the chord symbol.

I’m not sure the purpose of the non-breaking space. You can always erase background with shift x text and you can even adjust the padding on each side individually.

Romanos, I believe that’s a real chord symbol with a Shift+X non-breaking space behind it. Capiche?

Yep, Leo’s got it. That’s a Shift-Q chord symbol, for which there is no Erase Background possible. With the current drawing order, a Shift-X non-breaking space with Erase Background selected will hide the barline, but not the chord symbol.

Oh I see. Very good hack then!