Erase Background for Lines?

Hi everyone,
I want to erase a background a couple of notes collide with my arrow lines for a readable score. (The arrow lines tells “play this note with the right hand” to the player)

But when I activate the “Erase Background” option inside the “Engraving Options / Notes Tab” It only erases crescendo hairpins or dynamics, not the lines.

Is there a way to do that, or will be an update for that?

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I don’t think its possible.
However, if readability is your goal, I would remove the lines altogether (also remove the square brackets). Your RH indication is sufficient for any pianist to know what is required.


I will delete the arrows, you’re right. But I add that square brackets because to separate the F & C notes from the 8th arpeggios. Otherwise, the player may be confused to also try to play those 8th arpeggios with the right hand.

No, they wouldn’t.


Janus is probably right in this case because the notes are beamed together. If that were not the case, I’d easily take the ‘C’ with the left hand. As it is, I don’t actually think the bracket is inappropriate; it’s a stylistic choice more than a necessity, though. At any rate, ‘R.H’ and arrows both aren’t necessary. If you do use brackets though, I’d suggest an ‘L’ bracket pointing down rather than a closed ’ [ ’ since the L brackets are more typical to keyboard music and indicate take everything above/below this bracket with the same hand.

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I think you’re interpreting this differently than the OP. He does want RH to cross. I don’t understand your recommendation.

Nope, not misunderstanding at all. Professional keyboardist here. This is what I meant:

Actually, “RH” and the bracket indicate the same thing, so technically, having both is redundant.

(Also, assuming this is piano and the sustain pedal is permitted (since there are whole notes in the soprano staff and the hand is letting go), technically you wouldn’t have to cross hands to accomplish this.)


Hi Romanos, thank you for your advice :pray:t2:
You’re right, I did the mistake to write the whole notes in treble clef. I will shorten them and add sustain pedal lines for the similar bars.

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Ahmet, there is nothing wrong, per se, with having whole notes in the upper stave. It is very possible to sustain the pedal through the bar but re-articulate over the barline while still holding the notes tied across the bar in the bass clef during the uptake of the pedal so those notes remain sustained. Or you could make those upper notes half notes and add LV ties or something. Certainly, shortening them to halves will make it even more clear what’s desired, however.