Erase background, inclusive rests? SOLVED

I am writing af piece for reader and small windband. The reader-text erases the noteline and barline, but not the rests ( and timesignature)
Is there any other way to place text over the score! If I place it fixed to the Flute 1 it appears als in the flute-part. That’s why I created a one-noteline percussion instrument, and call it Reader. (The part for the reader is a piano-reduction.)


Create a measure-long note, suppress playback, and then hide the notehead and stem.


Just remove rests?


Not sure that works on implicit measure rests.

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I Cannot hide the rests. But thanks. Derrek

I will hide a kong note Tomorrow.

Select bar > Edit > Remove Rests.
Done. Works on both implicit and explicit apparently.

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So it does. Wonder why it didn’t work when I tried it earlier. My mistake.

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Thank you both for the advices.
Hide rest: you can hide a rest in a normal system with 5 lines, but not in a single line system. As far as I have experienced.
Write a note and hide stem and head in engrave mode: That works fine.

For many years I taught students in “computer and arranging” with Sibelius. Almost every lesson I saw that students found other solutions than the one I used and tried to learn them. (Maybe because I am the type that often reads manuals instead of just trying things. - As now the situation with my grandson and our iPad. :smile:)


When an instrument has no notes, such as this narration staff, you can’t remove rests. If you add a note anywhere, then it has a timeline and you can remove rests.