Erasure padding won't work with cross-stave 'harp' notation


I came across an issue in Dorico 3.5 where enabling the ‘Erasure padding’ feature doesn’t actually erase the background when cross-stave notation is present. (See screenshot)

The same thing happens with dynamics/text but in those cases the preview does create the padding (so when changing the L-R settings for example) but when you then click on something else the padding dissapears.

Perhaps this is not an issue bot a design philosophy in which it would be futile to have padding overlap the cross-stave notation since that would deny the cross-stave-ness of the notation. But I can’t seem to think of another way to work around this and I think it would be a good option to be able to have the padding on top of the cross-stave notation for engraving’s sake (since it’s already an option in the engraving menu anyway).

I would very much like to know a workaround for this and hear if this is something which was intended or could/will be looked at.

Thank you very much.

You’re not missing anything. This broader request for “masking” has been brought up for a lot of different scenarios, and we’re hoping for more options down the road.

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By and large, anything that has erasure padding enabled should be “moved to front” (to use publishing program terms), which is to say it should be the foremost layer in the z dimension.

Thank you very much for clarifying, now I know it’s not a setting I missed.
Lets hope it’s something that gets adressed soon! :crossed_fingers:t2:

I don’t understand why you’re using cross staff notation in your example. What am I missing? Also, a harpist cannot crescendo a half note.

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It’s not a fragment for harp but for carillon (bell tower). This arpeggio is a short hand notation for a rubato flourish over all those notes (hence the fermate, and the tempo also says to add rubato).
I’m using cross-stave notation because as far as I’m aware the lower stave is usually used for the feet (pedals) but since it has to be one flourish I chose for this notation.

The arpeggio indicates one flourish, to me. I was only suggesting not using the cross staff in order to solve your problem. I’d like to hear your composition, with that bell tower!