Eric Whitacre Choir sounds dropping out in Dorico

Hi guys,
I am having trouble with my Eric Whitacre Choir sounds dropping out when I playback. I am using them in Dorico 4.0.31. The volume slider for sopranos, altos, tenors and basses changes all the time. I have tried updating the EWC but it hasn’t helped. Is Dorico known to have compatibility problems with the EWC ? I have 64 Gigs RAM and 12 cores. with an i7 processor. I have the buffer size at 7 in audio engine settings. I have a Roland UE M10 for a sound card. All my other 15 sounds (Spitfire Symphony Orchestra loaded with Kontakt 5 ) work fine and are stable. I have also tried updating the EWC in the Spitfire app several times.Could you suggest any reason for these problems?I’m at a loss and do not want to buy another choral library.
Kind regards,
Peter B

Dear Peter,

the sliders respond to MIDI signals, so it could worth investigating what MIDI signals are coming in - maybe from your MIDI keyboard, or the Roland sound card.

I haven’t encountered these problems with EWC in Dorico (using a Komplete M32 kbd on a MacBook or a Roland piano on a Win10 PC. I did though have similar problems in Cubase, which turned out to be MIDI related).

There are various utilities you can download which show what’s going on with MIDI data. Worth a try. Good luck!