Eric Whitacre playback template in Dorico


Has anyone been able to get the Eric Whitacre Dorico playback template to work? I am unable to put links in but I assume it is an official site? It is on blog dorico website. It is first link if you put in Dorico and Eric Whitacre in to google.

When I unzip I can’t seem to find a file - I may be doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Have you watched John’s Discover Dorico on the Choir here?
The Show More tab (on YouTube) shows a table of contents for the video so you can hone in on areas that interest you.

No I haven’t. Thanks, I will check it out.

All the best.

Unfortunately this did not help as it does not go through the installation.

The problem I have in when I extract the folder - I cannot find any Eric Whitacre Choir.dorico_pt file.

I’m sure I am doing something wrong.

Hi Andrew - no probs with downloading to my Mac and PC today. In both cases the file un-zipped and there was the pt file plus a descriptive pdf. All worked fine. I’m using Dorico Pro.

Hi Rob,

Thank you for your reply. Well that’s good news at least, in that it is clearly something I am doing wrong. I tried on a different PC and still could not find a pt file.

This is what I see inside the Eric Whitacre folder:

None of these folders contain a PT file.

I extracted the BBCSO Pro one successfully. When I do a full search on my PC for example for dorico_pt files the BBCSO Pro one is the only one that comes back.

I wondering if I am extracting it wrong. I’m using the built in windows tools for unzipping?

Hi Andrew, I’ve just downloaded the file,, from the Dorico blog link. On my Win 10 PC, after unzipping it, there is a file called Eric Whitacre It is this file which you drop onto the Hub - you don’t unzip it further.

Give it a try - fingers crossed!

Brilliant Rob - you are wonderful thank you so much - it worked :grinning:

I probably tried everything but that!!!

Thanks again

Great Andrew, glad it worked. Maybe the folks writing the Blog should give more comprehensive installation instructions…(hint - Dorco staff…)