Erroneous "Bounce selection" explanation


I’m reading the explanation of the “Bounce selection” feature in the Operation Manual, “Sample Editor” chapter, “Creating a new clip or audio file from the selection” section, on p.445. It seems this explanation is not related to the procedure (which has no effect when applied).

Creating a new clip or audio file from the selection

You can extract a selection from an event and either create a new clip or a new audio file.

1.Make a selection range.
2.Open the context menu and select “Bounce Selection” from the Audio submenu.

A new clip is created and added to the Pool, and another Sample Editor window opens with the new clip. This clip refers to the same audio file as the original clip, but contains the audio corresponding to the selection range only.

Selecting just a range of a sample and trying to bounce it has no effect, nor does it create a new clip in the Pool…
Maybe review and rephrase this explanation in the manual?