Error box and dump with crossfades

My way to reproduce it :

Import a 120 or less bpm drum audio loop, in a 140 or more bpm session (You have to compress or shrink the the audio so the slices can overlap…)
Disable the musical mode.
Slice it from hitpoints in the sample editor.
It seems that sometimes the part is auto aligned with the grid, if not, “time-strech” it.
Open the resulting part, select all the “overlaping” slices.
Then auto crossfades them.
Open the fades editor.
And select a fast fade in.
And here a message box appear, but Cubase don’t crash, and seem to work properly, all the fades are made… but error :frowning:


Make sure you have the latest Cubase installed, please.

The message shows the crash dump file has been created. Could you share the file via Dropbox or similar, please?