Error changing part from action and shortcus

Hi everyone, I’m using the vst live version and I’m trying to use simple audio tracks (backing tracks) in play, with 4 parts
1: piano
2: organ
3: strings
4: Elpiano
but I would like the parts to be free from the trigger so that I can change them with a midi controller and associated with action and shortcuts but unfortunately when the bases play in play and I go to change from 1:piano to 2 organ or 3 strings it always returns to 1 position 1:piano, it’s something I don’t want because if I do it from the keyboard up and down it works but with the associated midi controller it doesn’t, I think it’s a stupid thing that it can’t be done from midi otherwise what’s the point of the action and functions shortucs only when midi is not playing? I think it’s a bug or is there some setting that needs to be turned off? My request is that buttons be added that activate and deactivate the triggers that can be changed at will, not necessarily performances programmed in the (song track). Thank you

Afaik they need trigger “times”.
So what if:
Sampler / Parts maybe? Of if no separated PARTS are needed, just trigger sampler?

menu Song/Song Part Triggers, select and minus button

I tried as you told me, but unfortunately it still persists with everything I deleted with the least it still has the same problem

You are correct, sorry. Pls try again with the new version coming later today, let us know how it works out for you.

No problem, thank you very much. :heart: