Error Code: 0x8007005 in Nuendo

Has anyone received an error code message in Nuendo: 0x8007005?
It’s annoying, as I’m in the process of building a scoring template.
What are some workarounds or fixes that I can do eliminate the issue?

My Computer:
AMD Ryzen 9 7950X 16-Core Processor
128 GB ram
Windows 11 Pro

Using Nuendo 12.0.50

It’s an access denied error.

see 0x8007005 - Google Search

So I’ve had issues on and off with my computer (see sig) but I’ve narrowed it down to one “path” on the motherboard where if resources are shared I get issues. The message you mention has popped up some of the time. Specifically, my motherboard allows for the PCIe connection from the CPU to run as x16, or x8/x8 on two slots, or x8/x4/x4 where the last “x4” is an nvme m.2 slot. Using only one slot solved all my problems.

Either a broken mainboard or something else is up.

But anyway, that can be something to look into when troubleshooting.

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So that the next person won’t have ANY issues, here’s the solution. My system is working properly now. See this video: (1) Easy Way to Fix Error Code 0X80070005 - YouTube

Just for the record, that command registers the quartz.dll (DirectShow). I think you got lucky.

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You’re so right, but about a half hour later I needed to perform another task. This second task fixed it all. Here’s a link for that. (1) How To Fix Windows Error Code 0x80070005 - YouTube

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Dam thats some pretty deep permissions you give Everyone. Isn’t that a security issue?

Luckily I havent had this error yet. I did get a new error in N12.0.50 (and it corrupted the project) from doing an apparently illegal operation in Midi Logical editor. I will take note of the number next time. If it comes up different to this code I’ll start another thread.

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