Error code 1603

During an update of 3.5.0 to 3.5.10 using the Steinberg Download Assistant I have had the following error message:-

Dorico 3.5.10 update installation failed
Fatal error during installation
Error code 1603

I have followed all the normal procedures

Sorry to hear that, Joe. Have you tried restarting your computer and running the Dorico 3.5.10 updater before you run any other applications?

Happened to me - just before that message I got a dialog complaining that it couldn’t find the 3.5 msi package. Possibly its because I’ve generally made a habit of cleaning up “temporary” download files. Anyway, using the full installer but clicking the “Update” option resolved the problem and only cost me a teesny bit more download time.

Thanks both for your input. I rebooted my machine and then ran the updater.exe as administrator and that appears to have done the trick.