error code 1603

I am getting error code 1603 when I attempt to install Halion Sonic 2.

Recently, after a certain amount of trouble (user error), I removed all previous versions Cubase along with Halion 2 and downloaded Cubase 8

I now find myself in the simple position of having a newly installed Cubase 8 and wanting to get Halion 2 back up and running.

Steinberg kindly sent me Halion Sonic on 2 DVDs but I get the Error 1603 message almost straight away.

I’ve seen other posts re this error message but can’t solution.

Hope someone may be able to help.


This is a windows installer error basically informing that there is not enough space on your drive for the temporary (unzipped) data folders needed for install… I suggest to clear your dustbin or download folder as some easy steps to start clearing up some room prior to install.

Good luck!

This is incorrect. See this thread for more info:

Indeed, my bad, 1603 is a general ‘fatal error’ message related to the Ms Installer. The fix in the above thread should address this issue for Cubase specifically. My fix addressed a separate issue (different software).

Thanks Steve for correcting me!

No thanks needed! As you point out, the error does pop up for many different reasons.