Error-code "dre-426" ready

Good day!

Something strange with my activations, and this error code is the icing on the cake.
Tried to redeem my coupon code for Cubase pro 13 by all the ways, and this error code and message “Something went wrong. Please contact your local support team and have the error-code “dre-426” ready.” was issued at the steinberg website.
In Download Manager it says that i don’t have needed license ( i have Cub pro 11 on my e licenser ) , in Activation Manager i have made "grace period check " and it said that i have ability to upgrade, it leads me to web page about email about cub 13 upgrade etc.
But again, without result.
And also i have another important problem, with activation of my Cubase pro 12 upgrade, it also can’t see my Cub pro 11 license. And still stays unactivated because of it.
I’ve already wrote to Germany support but didn’t receive anything still.
Well, hope that someone from support could help me with my problems, please!
And all forum friends, please highlight this theme so support can find it easier.
Thank you!

What have you bought?

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I have bought update to Cub pro 12 from cub pro 11.
most of all i need to fix this update activation, think it’s main problem, opportunity to update to 13 is secondary problem, i think

What is your MySteinberg account showing?

Is the Steinberg Download assistant installed? Is it up to date?

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I have the same problem and get the same message when I type in the activation code. I’ve purchased an update from Cub… Elements 12 for Cub… Artist 13.

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This error code means that the upgrade cannot proceed because a valid license to upgrade couldn’t be found. Please run the Steinberg Activation Manager and the eLicenser Control Center to see which licenses you have, and check your email receipts to confirm that you have purchased the correct upgrade for your license.

For the topic starter, please run the eLicenser Control Center and click the Maintenance button to the top right. Make sure that your USB-eLicenser is registered to the same MySteinberg account as the one you’re using for the Steinberg Download Assistant. You can check everything registered to your account here:

If you see your “Cubase Pro 11 (Grace Period Eligible)” license when you click “Show eLicenser–based products”, please connect your USB-eLicenser dongle to your computer, then run the Steinberg Activation Manager and try performing the Grace Period Check again.

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MySteinberg account showing directly what i mentioned above:

  1. i have activated cub pro 11 ( somehow it shows like “grace period”)
  2. i have cub pro 12 ( not activated, as i wrote above)
  3. i have redeem code for cub pro 13 in my “vouchers” page in account
  4. when i push redeem code for cub pro 13 it says :
    Something went wrong. Please contact your local support team and have the error-code “dre-426” ready.

Of course, i have all applications and they are up to date, i have done all of simple and not simple steps to manage this problem, sorry for alittle exited speech))

sorry for your problem, did you fix it somehow?

Thanks for the info!
I’ve already done all of this steps previously, ofcourse!
cub pro 11 update- check ( i’m working on it last 2 years)
cub pro 12 update from cub pro 11 - bought in May 23, not activated becouse of mentioned problem.
mails receipts - check
applications accounts - check
and final step you mentioned (grace period check) leads me to update to cub pro 13 , it says that i have opportunity to upgrade (activation manager grace period check says it) … but … it leads us to top of this topic - error code dre 426

Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to wait for support to respond in this case.

Since your Cubase Pro 11 was a Grace Period Eligible license, you were supposed to get Cubase Pro 12 for free. The Cubase Pro 12 update you purchased couldn’t be applied for this reason.

Steinberg Support should be able to apply the correct licenses to your account, and provide instructions on how to request a refund if necessary.

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Ohh, so much thanks for your support. this is fist answer that can help somehow, maybe!
Actually, I don’t know why and when my Cub pro 11 license became “grace perioded”, because i also have bought it as Update to Cub Pro 10.5 much earlier.

Unfortunately, i don’t know how to interact with support directly, US support says that could not see my account because of region, another supports didn’t answer to me… May be here on forum they can find my problem and could help…

Unfortunately not. Written to Steinberg’s support. But unfortunately it can take quite a few days to get an answer.

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