'Error Connecting to Audio Engine' Dorico 3

Audio engine issues. ‘Error connecting to Audio Engine’.

Dorico is stalling when changing Audio Device. In this case changing to lynx Aurora 16. Stalling sometimes with I click ‘Open device control panel’. Have yet to connect to my Lynx. (prefer this to the headphone out on my mac as it’s a bit noisy when connected to my monitor controller)

All of the other issues listed below are happening when just using the built-in audio on the mac.

I’ve also had stalling when clicking the wrench icon on a slot in Kontakt. And when I click the piano icon in play mode lane Kontakt won’t appear. Kontakt also blanks me when I click the E icon in the VST device list. I also get stalling on shutting down Dorico. I recon sorting out Audio device connection will sort out sort out these VST issues?

I’ve run the eLicenser again and increased buffer size to no avail.

I’m running a trial on a Macbook Pro. 2013, 2.4 Ghz Intel i7 8gb ram. High Sierra 10.13.6

Really determined to make the move from Sibelius as I’m very excited about the availability of tweaking piano roll independently of the score display and using CC automation lanes with my sample libraries. A solution that does not involve OS or Kontakt updates would be appreciated.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (604 KB)

It seems that it’s Kontakt 5 that is crashing and that is taking down the audio engine. If the audio engine dies then that may lead to Dorico hanging. Can you try updating to a later version of Kontakt?

I can’t open that can of worms I’m afraid. Kontakt 5 doesn’t bother Protools, Reaper or Sibelius in any way in the same system. Any other possible solutions?

…maybe I could run Kontakt Player if it doesn’t displace Kontakt 5 on my system. Kontakt Player friendly with Dorico? That said, if you’re aware of another workaround I’d prefer to try that first.

Many users do run Kontakt and Kontakt Player in Dorico without problems, so it appears that maybe there’s something on your system that is causing it to crash within Dorico.

Any suggestions as to what that might be? Further diagnostics I could send?

For the crash in Kontakt 5 you best get in contact with Native Instruments. They are the manufacturers of that plug-in and only they can analyze and fix the issue. Please provide them the attached crash log. Anything from our side would only be speculation, but they can really take a deeper look.

But in your Diagnostic Report are also some other crash logs contained that show some patterns in the audio engine that we have seen before. So the crash in Kontakt is one thing and the crash in the audio engine another one. For the audio engine, we are already on the case and try to find a fix. It’s quite difficult and still takes time, but please have faith in us that we will tackle the issue soon. Also, please have a look at the thread https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=171562. Maybe increasing the buffer size also helps in your case.
VSTAudioEngine3_2019-10-27-190622_Brians-MacBook-Pro-3.crash (103 KB)

Kontakt 6 can run alongside Kontakt 5 if I am not mistaken.

Thanks guys, I have high hopes for Dorico and the midi roll Play view so will check in again down the line. More CC message score text inputting until then.