"Error copying file from packed archive" message during install of Elicenser Control (fatal error)


HI, I have just purchased the upgrade from Cubase 11 to 12. I have received the download/actiavtion key.

Following the procedure, I first got a few errors stating that a product was already open, so the update couldn’t run, then after rebooting and triple checking nothing cubase related was running, I downloaded and tried to install the elicenser update as directed to.

It ran but failed to completed, throwing an error "Error copying file from packed archive … to C:/…/POS/SYNSOPOS.exe

Now neither Cubase 11 or Cubase 12 will launch successfully!

I got the same issue, was this resolved?

Just a guess, it sounds like the downloaded file was corrupted maybe? Have you tried deleting the downloaded file and re-downloading?

Here’s an alternate link (if you were using the download assistant)