Error Correction Macro problem


I selected approx. 3 seconds in a wav-file containing a vinyl-ripp with several scratches/clicks. Then I “defined it as currently selected audio range” and ran the macro “detect all errors” and then “correct all marked errors” and then WL7 stopped working and I was throwned out.
Is it just me, or is this a bug?


There is indeed a bug that i corrected in 7.2, but this happened only if the marker tool window was visible. If you hide the market wondow, the problem should not happen.


Stupid me. Still running v.7.11.

By the way; I’ve been around since WL3, but seldom participated on the WL-forums. I was very frustrated when WL7 first came around, but I must admit that in the course of time I have really come to love it. Also, I think I will survive without the manual now.
At last I actually see what a great job you have done with WL7, and that the changes were necessary and also made WL even better.

7.2 is not yet available (coming soon).