Error during file copy. Operation must be cancelled!

Cubase 7.2 x64 (demo), mac pro, sl 10.6.8, UAD 6.5.2 x64

Hi! I have a trouble with project. When Im going to “Backup project” I have an error message: “Error during file copy. Operation must be cancelled!” and procedure stops. Sometimes it trying to copy few files (less or more), then error.
Ive tried to backup to different discs across my mac, the same problem. Ive tried to move the project to different disc, but the same.
Any suggestions?

Btw. The same problem is in Cubase 6.5 x64 running on my mac.

Any comments?

i think if you look in the collected issues forum you will see another few posts on this , i had problems backing up projects but that was to do with overlapping micro audio parts with variaudio

Same here. I have to copy manually in another folder and save. I don’t undestand how sometimes backup function give me this error (in 15 years of Cubase first time)…

Check the paths to the audio files in the pool. Probably the processed files have a different (ie. wrong) path and as soon as the backup project hits one of them you get the error method. I ran into this problem backing up from C5 to take to C7 and found if I went back to the original project and redid the backup with the boxes checked (freeze edits) the paths were then correct. I used an external drive. Reload the project in C7 from the external drive and now (if I wanted to) the backup worked fine.

Update (maybe it helps) -
Here is what I wrote elsewhere about the backup problem I experienced in transferring projects to a new computer:

I noticed that in the Pool the file path of all the project wav files are correctly shown (E:/) EXCEPT any of the wav files that have been processed (reversed etc.). They are in the pool (with and “X” by them) and play correctly in the project and in the pool but the path in incorrect. It shows the processed audio wav files are on D:/ which is wrong now because D:/ is the Restore Computer Partition. I am not sure if any of this is related to the pinned disk meter but why was the project fine for the first three saves of the project and it suddenly becomes corrupt in this way.

I get an error when trying to create a new back up of the project when I open it from the external drive in C7 as soon as it hits a “processed” file.

The problem is that “the operation is cancelled”. In old Cubase was “some files are not copy”…

There it is! Few files in wrong location! Thank you for helping!

Using “Prepare Back-up” before Back-up avoids this problem.