Error during file copy. Operation will now be cancelled.

Blimey I have 100’s of audio takes, all with tiny edits and changes then deleted and re-edited again. Think it’s impossible to go thru all of them??

So that’s the problem. I don’t know why Cubase cannot make a backup with multi/micro-edits in a track.

But you can obviously do what I suggested. You might have 100s or 1000s of takes. Let’s assume either these takes are in one track or several tracks. Try selecting all events in a track or several tracks which has these multi edits. Then right click on these audio events to get a pop-up menu (sometime if right click is enable for tools menu, CTRL+Right click). Then in that menu go to Audio option, then another sub-menu opens, from there you select Bounce Selection. :astonished:

That’s it, Cubase will now bounces all those multi-edit audio events as one long event for each tracks you selected.

All the fades, etc will become permanent as one wave file per track.

Let me know if you tried and it worked or not.


Yes thanks, I picked on a small project, no midi, just a little audio bounced all the audio to make one track segment as you said. Tried to back up and got the same error code files not copied.

What it could be is that when I did a little upgrade from cubase 6.5.1 - 6.5.3, cubase asks to save a new copy as it might not recognize new format, so I did this for all projects (23). There is always such a problem when upgrading I find. Maybe it’s not this, but it’s so important to have this function as if and when you have a corrupt data you need to save project.

So it can’t be micro edit or corrupt drive, as I have 3 back up drives and older versions and still he same problem.


Sorry that it didn’t help. Try to contact steinberg, send them an email or call. They will surely help.

Actually this problem coming for all your projects while you try to backup? Or just one or two in which you have tiny edits?

In meantime you can just copy the whole project folder with a new folder name and .cpr names.
You could also try to do this following.

Remember to backup this folder before deleting so you can copy it to its original location to get old old settings back.


No worries you have really helped. It is for all projects I have the problem 25+ and also old backed up ones on different drives, but I f I start a new project add a little audio and then back up it’s OK.

Have contacted Steinberg and will try the preferences.


Regarding preferences if I do that will I lose all 3rd party plug in settings for all projects (disaster) OR just basic stuff? thanks

This still exists in Cubase 7.


I had the same thing happen when I tried to Backup a project that had some minor pitch correction on a short synth clip. took off the pitch correction and it backed up fine.

I think u must backup the preference data folder to a different location before u delete. Then later u can replace / restore with the backup folder.