Error exporting audio in latest dorico update


I have an issue with any Dorico project where everytime I try to export the audio it displays this message “Error exporting audio” . I am using Halion Sonic SE for every instrument. Please help!!!

Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your trouble.

Please choose from Dorico’s main menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’. That creates silently a zip file on your desktop, please attach it here. From that we get a better insight and then can give advice. Thanks

Dorico (647 KB)
Here are my diagnostics sorry for late reply

Some files I can export (newer ones) but older ones I cant

You might try choosing Play > Playback Template and reapplying the default playback template to see if that helps.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with this problem, but I occasionally have errors that seem to be related to the setting of the output folder. I can’t say exactly what sequence leads to this problem, but the error message isn’t very helpful.

If that error happens again with you, please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report, which creates silently a zip file on your desktop. Then please attach that here. Thanks

Hello Ulf. As I have the same problem as chiaraminotto and cparmerlee I also send you a diagnostic report. Thank you for your help.

Dorico (402 KB)

Hm, there is a failure when trying to create the audio file.
The file name is:
C:/Users/popart/Desktop/CLARINETTE/ENSEMBLE DE CLARINETTES/Duos, trios, quatuors, quintette clarinettes/Pour ECO pdf ensembles chambre/Quatuors/It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas 3sib+bass/Blocs à partir de It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas/It’s beginning to look like christmas - It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas.wav

which is 359 characters. I don’t know if we have a limit in the path length, but try to export to a different location where the path is shorter. Does it work then?

Yeees! It works. Thank you very much Ulf.

Good to hear. I’ve checked our code and on Windows the maximum length is 260 characters for a path, so please stay within that range. We will also put a check in Dorico, so that it warns you upfront, if you exceeded that number.

Hi everybody, had the same issue. Fixed by using a folder on a higher level.