Error in buying update

Hello guys, I wanted to know if anyone had ever experienced this, by mistake I bought the Wavelab update from Elements instead of LE, the price is the same for both and it was my mistake, I couldn’t use it, I made a ticket 10 days ago but I do not get a response, has anyone had a similar experience? The truth is that beyond the fact that the mistake was mine in the purchase, I thought that maybe I could have a quick solution, because I need it


if you want a refund and buy the correct upgrade you need to contact Asknet, which is the company behind the Steinberg shop. You should have contact details in the mails they sent you.

You can also find them here

thanks for the reply, I contact them, but they say me that I need to contact directly steinberg support, so I don’t know to be honest

That is strange, so depending on your location you should find out what support number is available to you and then give them a call directly.

I’m contact Asknet again and see what happen, anyway it’s pitiful not get a reply from about 10 days

Please contact the Steinberg Support directly.