Error in dspMixFx UR44: Not enough FX resources

Hello, I’m from Russia, so my language probably won’t be quite correct. I have a question about the ur44 product.In the dsp program, when connecting the second guitar and selecting the same effect as on the first guitar, I have a window with an error (Not enough FX resources.)

Hi Vladimir
Yes, the FX resources are limited, so this is unfortunately normal.

Thank you for your answer. But maybe limits can be remove partly with the help of some programs?

Hi again
No, the problem lies within the soundcard itself, it simply lacks processing power.
If you want to record with software, look into monitoring through your software, that seldom is any problem nowadays:)

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Maybe you know how to use fx from dspMixFx in the DAW?

Vladimir, if you work with Cubase, dspMixFx get disabled if you open Cubase, because the signals are handled in the Hardware rack in the console (see image). There you can turn on an amp for monitoring or the strip of the interface itself.

Other configurations are handled in Studio/Studio Setup and Studio/audio hardware setup. In the manual are all explanations to find and there are some youtube videos explaining, too.

But if you do direct monitoring, you will have the same limit: only one amp in a mono input. It is a hardware limitation on the dsp in the interface. What strummer was suggesting was that you can try working with software monitoring in the DAW (turning off direct monitoring in Studio/Studio Setup) if you want to load more amps at monitoring.

Here you have a video, for example:

Hi Vadimir
Yes they should all be there, VST:s in your daw.