Error installing Dorico update


I just tried installing the 1.1 update on my 64bit Windows 10 PC (over the existing 1.0.30 version); however, the installation quits with a “severe installation error”, code 1603.

Right after installing the eLicenser, during the stage “copying new files”, I get an error message stating that no installation package was found. It tells me to repeat the installation with a valid copy of the installation package “Dorico.msi”.

What to do?


EDIT: I just tried it on a different PC. Downloaded the installer again, same result. In both cases, it’s the German version of Dorico.

Are you running the full installer or the updater?

(Lead Tester for Dorico)

I’m running the updater.

Thanks, I will just double-check this here.

One thing to watch out for just in case it’s relevant - you will need to ensure you aren’t running anything else that uses the eLicenser (e.g. Cubase) while doing the update.

If that still doesn’t work you might want to try installing from the full Dorico installer, using the Steinberg Download Assistant. It will still be a relatively small download as you don’t need to download either of the HALion packages that are listed for Dorico.

Yes, nothing else was running during the update.

I’ll try the full installer.

EDIT: That worked. However, I’m now seeing the same error as described in another thread where all the notes, symbols etc. are missing.

I’ve just double-checked the Updater here on one of my machines and it seems to run OK for me - this was a clean machine though so nothing complicated going on.

Is it possible that you’ve edited any of the files from your old installation (e.g. the ones in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico) yourself?

If updating with the full installer doesn’t work then you may find that the easiest thing to do is to uninstall the existing Dorico installation first (using Add/Remove Programs) and then install, again with the full installer.

EDIT: Sorry, I posted this before reading the edit in your reply. Glad it worked! The fonts problem is annoying - unfortunately the way that the operating system caches the fonts it uses means that when fonts get updated then the update doesn’t always get applied immediately. Typically rebooting will fix it, but let me know if not as there are ways of clearing the font cache if not.

Yes, I did edit some of the files (there used to be a sticky post which seems to have been removed) because the German version of Dorico 1.0.30 had something missing, I think it was the keyboard commands.

Restarting the computer did fix the fonts problem.


Aha! Yes, I remember the problem with the key commands files. OK, that explains the installer error, sorry for my confusion there.