Error: Invalid or unsupported file!

I’m hoping someone can help with issue: “Error: Invalid or unsupported file!”

Several years back I moved a project to a bacukp hard drive and am now unable to access all the files and keep getting the Error message above. I’ve tried to open it in previous versions of Cubase but got the same response.

I read through the other posts on this subject my could find no answer so if anyone has encountered this issue and has been able to rectify it, I would greatly appreciate any guidance!

Thanks in advance
Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 3.48.36 PM.png

Are you trying to import wav files or loading via a cpr file? More detail would be helpful. Have you tried drag and drop?

Thanks for your reply. I’m trying to load older cpr files. Some of the tracks come back, others don’t and are blank in the pool.

If you have Pro you can try using “Import Tracks From Project…” to get at the contents if the cpr files won’t load.