Error loading files

I finished part of a project last night, I saved it and went to bed. Later, I returned to my PC, but the file seemed to have corrupted. Now my files won’t open and even my backup saves won’t load all with the message “Error Loading Files”. It might have been because of OneDrive but I don’t think the files weren’t saved on OneDrive. Please help me, I have this project due soon. Thank you

Can you please post the file or if it is confidential send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’? Thanks

Ok! I will be sending the file shortly, but I have another problem that might be linked, I just got a couple of warnings from dorico saying there were serious problems and added a file to my crash dumps folder. I had tried to think of what I wrote from my last backup project, even though it was a lot that had been lost, but this error message occurred with the backup I had saved. The project had crashed and when I opened up dorico again it asked if I wanted to recover the project even though now it was named “Untitled Project”

Yes, please also do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics File’ and send the corresponding zip file. That will contain log and crash files that might also help us. Thanks

Did you receive my email? I sent it, but I just want to make sure. Also. I clicked “Create Diagnostics File” but I don’t think it did anything. Where would I find the file?

Yes, I did receive, thanks. The diagnostics would normally get put on the desktop. What version of Dorico do you have?

Oh I see it I think it just got lost in my desktop. Sorry! I just sent the file

Thanks, we will take a closer look tomorrow…

Ulf passed your project file on to me. Unfortunately the file is incomplete and cannot be recovered.

I think what must have happened is that the syncing of your project to OneDrive failed, leaving the file incomplete. If you have changed your default project save location to your OneDrive, I would urge you to consider changing it back to your regular Documents folder, and manually copy projects you want to be available on other devices to your OneDrive. At the very least, make sure that the Backup Projects location – which you can set independently of the main Dorico Projects folder location – is set to a different location on your local drive that doesn’t use any kind of cloud sync.

Please check your Recycle Bin/Trash for auto-saved and backup versions of your projects: when Dorico removes an auto-save or a backup it puts them into the bin for you, but you can recover them from there.

Also the diagnostics data suggests that OneDrive screwed up your project file, so yes, it is best to not use OneDrive directly to load/save files to/from.

Further, the diagnostics contains a crash dump of the audio engine. It’s a crash in the eLicenser code at a location I have not seen before and I think it has nothing to do with the screwed up project. In order to find out, you’d need to do a lot more tests and find a reproduction to the case.
I guess you don’t have the time and muse to do so.

So stay away from OneDrive and you shall be fine.