Error message AFTER closing Cubase

Every time when closing Cubase, I get the message that it crashed, but it didn’t because I closed the app myself. Not sure if this is something to worry about, but just in case, should I send the crash report that was created? And where do I send this to?

If cubase said it crashed then it probably did.

Are you on windows ? if so is there anything in your windows event log (application)

and yes post the dmp file here

Thanks, I will post the report in a new message.

Cubase 11 gives me a crash error when I close the app, here is the report.
Cubase (28.5 KB)

hopefully somebody will take a look and let you know why it’s crashing…usually a dodgy plugin

I’m only using vst 3 plugins, but would it even better to use au-versions instead of vst 3?

Unfortunately you can’t use AU plugins in cubase

But should that make Cubase crash? It still gives an error crash message when closing cubase. I’m not using any .au plugins and updated to the latest cubase version.