Error message eq plugin EQ

I am relatively new to Cubase but have a lot of experience with computers however I have tried to solve this issue for at least a week and cannot seem to find the solution.

Before buying cubase I installed the trial, then after trying cubase out as a daw opted for the elements 10.5 version as I have external studio equipment via midi.
I have managed so far to set everything up and everything works perfectly however there is one issue that I can’t seem to solve.
Every time I open cubase I get the same error message:

The plug-in “EQ” could not be found for Insert 3 Channel “Stereo In”!
The plug-in “EQ” could not be found for Insert 3 Channel “Stereo Out”!

I have checked the plug-ins and disabled them, I have searched under eq plugin but cannot seem to find anything.
I have already checked if there were any files left over from the trial but can’t seem to find anything.
And if I click “ok” everything else loads normally an works fine.

All suggestions or possible solutions are appreciated.
Please see screenshot for the error screen
Thank you