Error message loading Wavelab ess. 1 and 4.

I am using a PC with XP, 4 gigs of ram, dual core processor. I have the original version 1 of wavelabe essentials and recenlty bought on ebay version 4 because I was having trouble getting it to work, gives error message ‘incorrect program termination’ something like that anyway, and it promptly closes. So I uninstalled it thinking there was a problem on the CD but was able to load it fine on another PC, unfortunutely not one used for recording music. It works fine there, so I can if I have to, load a music file on a thumb drive, cart it upstairs to the family machine and do my editing there. A bit of a pain. So I found version 4 online at ebay and picked up a copy. It turns out to do exactly the same thing on the music DAW machine. I have Kontakt 3 loaded, and Sonar X1, those are the biggies, meg wise. Has anyone here had problems like this, is there interference from those two programs I mentioned on other machines? Thanks for your help! Don.